As we all know, website hosting accounts as one of the most important attributes of a successful online business and the smart are the ones who chose this wisely. Unless and until the website hosting is strong and reliable, how can a website achieve good results in terms of performance and credibility?

Here are three major technical advantages of selecting Go4Hosting for all you website hosting needs:

a)      Low Latency: If your business is based in India, then the perfect choice of your website hosting requirements would be Go4Hosting. As our data servers are based in right in the heart of India at Noida and Jaipur, your website can experience amazing speed and accuracy while fetching results for your visitors.

b)      Redundant Power Supply: Go4Hosting has invested in both thermal and hydro power structures, which means that we are always up and running. We support N+1 Power redundancy which imply that even if one of the power sources gets failed, we can cover up with the alternative power supply at any given time.

c)       Carrier Neutral: Our advanced technical specifications have been designed in a way which removes any failure point along the network connectivity of our data servers. This is the reason; we are never dependent on any one carrier for providing telecommunication connectivity and network penetration. No wonder, we are able to successfully provide 99.95% uptime consistently to all our customers, ever and ever again.

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