In today’s market more and more competitors are joining into the server market, offering up hosting solutions left, right and center.  There are dedicated servers offered on various operating systems, and various services and software systems that can supplement the efficiency of the server without slowing it down.

In today’s world email, address books, time charts, and even logs have become digital, and can be found on one’s PDA or on the computer. With the advent of the cloud, these can be accessed from anywhere. Many hosting services, thus understandably, provide their servers with the new software package of exchange server hosting in India. Not only in India, but across the world email servers have to cough up such add-ons for the benefit of the client.

Companies providing exchange server hosting in India usually incorporate the Microsoft exchange server package in them. These servers thus have the facilities of excel, word, outlook and other Microsoft technologies to be hosted on the windows server. Thus naturally these have been a very useful addition to the windows server list of must have applications.

Now, it must be understood that this collaborative software is offered in India as an added feature to the server, and one must pay for the support and the installation apart from the cost of the server package in itself. Many popular companies such as Web2Domains and Bell India provide these servers to clients across India with hosting capabilities at affordable prices. There are also many start ups that offer a simpler rate and payment structure with hacked windows servers just to get a foot in the market.