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Five Reasons to Consider Go4Hosting

There are variety of reasons integrated with Go4hosting that makes it highly preferable among the individuals and businesses. This impeccable web hosting service provider offers immaculate features that deems fit to the client’s requirement.

Network Uptime

Go4 hosting guarantees 99.95% of up-time, which inevitably increases the chances of getting leads and generating revenue for your business. Adequate arrangements are done to curb any of the unwanted situations. We believe – the stronger the strategy is; the lesser is the downtime.

Ensures easy and quick access

If your business operates from India, it is smart to choose an Indian hosting service provider to make your website data accessible to your consumers at the fastest speed. Go4hosting is equipped with best data centers that are located in Noida and Jaipur.

Tier III Certification

Go4hosting is a certified Tier III Data Center that safeguards your significant business data from any of the disastrous situations, such as power spikes, fire, catastrophes, including unauthorized access. Importantly, all the necessary equipments in the datacenter (servers, telecommunication and networking devices) are dual powered for additional data security purposes.

Redundant Specs

Go4hosting is an N + 1 redundant complaint data center, which means that in the worst situation of power spikes (chances are negligible), N+1 will provide the power backup to the system. Apparently, this additional power backup ensures smooth flow of your business as ever.

Six Zone Security

Go4hosting six zone security to protect your critical data from data breach and other issues that can invade your data integrity, such as: security guards are deployed both at the entrance and exit gates, CCTV surveillance, Biometric access control for server area, and so on.

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5 Hot Marketing Tips for Startups

We at Go4Hosting always focus on our client’s success. This is the reason we have assured you guaranteed 99.95% up time, no matter what is the condition. This ensures that your business is always up and running.

However, besides the technology, you also need marketing push to ensure that customers keep on visiting your websites and your product or service or idea keeps on selling.

Go4hositng Indian Data center Provider

In this post, we shall discuss some hot marketing tips for startups, which can assist you in generating more business and more traction:

A) Identify Your Target Customer: In order to laser target your product for the appropriate audience, it is very important to identify the right prospects and creating a marketing blueprint, exclusively for this segment. Ideally, marketers create different personas based on the market research, which helps them to target the right prospect, at the right time.

B) Networking Helps: For a start up which is trying to get hold of the market, it is very important to develop a network of entrepreneurs, investors and customers. By being part of such a network, it will immensely help you to understand the shortcomings of your product, and to spread the word about your creation.

C) Community Will Support You: Every startup can take the community route for better reach. Create a tribe, a community revolved around the product and the services. Although the community won’t buy your product straight away, but it will provide the much needed platform for doing further marketing. Words by mouth publicity, which companies try to buy, can be made free by creating a vibrant community.

D) Content is King: As Seth Godwin, America’s greatest marketer often tells, content is the only marketing left now! Content should be the base of your marketing efforts. Creating branded and exclusive content makes sharing your website’s name much easier. And content doesn’t necessarily means writing blog posts and article! Content can be videos, podcast, audio-books, info graphics, pictures, interviews and much more.

E) Embrace Social Media: Social Media is a great medium for interacting and understanding your customers. But unfortunately, several marketers and entrepreneurs use this medium to spam and broadcast their marketing messages, 24*7! Social media is not TV which can be used as one-way loudspeaker, interrupting people with advertisements. The best usage of social media occurs when you create a community (See point C) and then leverage the attention and permission on the social media to further expand your story. This wonderful explanation of Social media can assist you further.

At the end, it’s all about the passion and dedication which you exhibit while mentioning your start up which makes the difference. You have the best technology with GoforHosting and now, you have the best marketing strategies after reading this post. Go, conquer this world!

What Will Drive IT Spending in 2014?

IT or Information Technology is now the life blood of every major industry. Can you even imagine a market or specialization where IT is not used?

Forrester, which is the world’s most respected research and survey resource, has recently published a report which gives us a hint of IT spending trends for the year 2014.

As Go4Hosting is a market leader in the data center and IT infrastructure industry, we closely followed the report, and it confirmed our internal calculations and research pertaining to the future outlook of this industry.

data center
Some highlights of this report:

- Three sectors which will witness biggest IT spending in 2014: Cloud Computing; Big Data and Smart Mobile Apps (iOS; Android and Windows)
- $2.06 Trillion was spent by Government and Large Businesses on the following sectors: Hardware; Software & Services
- CIO (Chief IT Officer) and IT decision makers from the world’s largest organizations have shared one common data: They are going to increase their spending on IT in the areas of Middleware Analytics; Security, Software Services and Collaboration Software
- Software witnessed the biggest IT spending; next came hardware
- Investments in traditional IT sectors such as purchasing hardware and servers have declined.
- In terms of IT infrastructure, biggest spending is geared towards: Cloud Computing, followed closely by SaaS solutions development and Smart computing (Big Data and Smart Phone applications)
- For the year 2013 (till July), spending on software development and services increased to $542 billion in total. This investment is expected to grow 3.3% for the rest of 2013 (July to December) and may touch 6.5% for the year 2014.
- Expenses on PC and Workstations amount to $134 billion for the year 2013. The growth on this sector looks dismal, with an annual increment of just 3%. Although market was abuzz with the launch of Windows 8, it couldn’t help the growth.
- Expenses on smart phone apps for iOS, Android and Windows will witness an impressive growth rate of 36% for 2014. As of now, it stands at $21 billion.

About Us: Go4Hosting is a market leader in providing world class Data Center solutions for Fortune 500 companies spread all over the globe. With more than a decade of experience in this sector, we are expert in understanding your IT Infrastructural needs, and the delivering customized solutions for your business. We are powered by Tier 3 Data Centers located in Noida and Jaipur, and promise 99.95% guaranteed uptime and 24*7 technical support. Please visit us here for more details related to our services.

Three Major Technical Advantages of Choosing Go4Hosting

As we all know, website hosting accounts as one of the most important attributes of a successful online business and the smart are the ones who chose this wisely. Unless and until the website hosting is strong and reliable, how can a website achieve good results in terms of performance and credibility?

Here are three major technical advantages of selecting Go4Hosting for all you website hosting needs:

a)      Low Latency: If your business is based in India, then the perfect choice of your website hosting requirements would be Go4Hosting. As our data servers are based in right in the heart of India at Noida and Jaipur, your website can experience amazing speed and accuracy while fetching results for your visitors.

b)      Redundant Power Supply: Go4Hosting has invested in both thermal and hydro power structures, which means that we are always up and running. We support N+1 Power redundancy which imply that even if one of the power sources gets failed, we can cover up with the alternative power supply at any given time.

c)       Carrier Neutral: Our advanced technical specifications have been designed in a way which removes any failure point along the network connectivity of our data servers. This is the reason; we are never dependent on any one carrier for providing telecommunication connectivity and network penetration. No wonder, we are able to successfully provide 99.95% uptime consistently to all our customers, ever and ever again.

To know more about the advantages of choosing Go4Hosting, please log-on to our home page at

Microsoft Exchange an Added Bonus to Servers

In today’s market more and more competitors are joining into the server market, offering up hosting solutions left, right and center.  There are dedicated servers offered on various operating systems, and various services and software systems that can supplement the efficiency of the server without slowing it down.

In today’s world email, address books, time charts, and even logs have become digital, and can be found on one’s PDA or on the computer. With the advent of the cloud, these can be accessed from anywhere. Many hosting services, thus understandably, provide their servers with the new software package of exchange server hosting in India. Not only in India, but across the world email servers have to cough up such add-ons for the benefit of the client.

Companies providing exchange server hosting in India usually incorporate the Microsoft exchange server package in them. These servers thus have the facilities of excel, word, outlook and other Microsoft technologies to be hosted on the windows server. Thus naturally these have been a very useful addition to the windows server list of must have applications.

Now, it must be understood that this collaborative software is offered in India as an added feature to the server, and one must pay for the support and the installation apart from the cost of the server package in itself. Many popular companies such as Web2Domains and Bell India provide these servers to clients across India with hosting capabilities at affordable prices. There are also many start ups that offer a simpler rate and payment structure with hacked windows servers just to get a foot in the market.

Need For Email Hosting Company With Dedicated Servers

An email hosting company provides premium email for a cost. The services provided by an email hosting company are different from that of the typical end-user email providers like the webmail sites. Most of the small and medium size businesses avail the services of the email hosting companies. If you are a business owner then you should appoint an email hosting company to get its services as that would be extremely useful to your company.

The market in which online businesses function is very volatile and to keep the partners and clients involved, you have to communicate with them constantly. This you can do by using the free email services like Yahoo mail or Gmail but it would look like sending your business mails under the letterhead of another company which is of course not a good thing. But, if you hire an email hosting company then you will have your company’s own domain name. Email service is a part of the range of services provided by the email hosting companies. There are many other services provided by an email hosting company which are of utmost importance to an online business.

Different businesses have different needs and so, you should choose the services of an email hosting company according to your needs. One of the best things about email hosting companies is that they provide maximum security. If you have a big business then you can use dedicated servers as this will help you to tackle mail servers, large number of databases, complicated scripts and web oriented projects.

Email Hosting Provider & Dedicated Servers Are Reliable

Dedicated ServerIt is very important to select dedicated servers host of your business online. In today’s world of modern technology, web hosting organizations have started offering e-mail hosting. It is an excellent solution that helps in resolving many organizational issues that most of the companies have to deal with for both small and large online business. Each and every individual who runs a business wants his business to flourish and reach its maximum height. Internet is one of the mediums that uplift the Brand Identity of your organization and also in this business market; you will earn a good fame.

These dedicated servers provide business to shape email accounts on their devoted domain names. As we know that communication plays a vital role in success of a company. Any flourishing company needs a website of their own to show all the details of their organization, their history, their services and products. Their website should be designed in such a way so that it attracts a large number of clients and will create an aura of style in a unique pattern.

You should be focused on five points while choosing a host for your dedicated servers:

  • Cost
  • Support
  • Reliability
  • Network and Longevity

So, you agree all kinds of business must have a website that will showcase the kinds of business, the company is dealing with, the website will act as a great source of marketing, and popularizing services and products rendered by a business. Thus, email hosting provider will offer a lucrative service that is better from all the aspects.

Linux VPS Hosting:the best host for your business solutions

By providing a flexible and affordable solution to business, Linux VPS hosting has become one of the most important solution for any problems that may arise with a business. It provides both a 64 bit and a 32 bit operating system. It also provides services which can easily be customized according to the needs of the site which depends on the changing trends in business. It provides a sustainable hosting environment for the business.

Linux VPS hosting can be accessed through more than 40 types of different platforms. Cloud Linux VPS provides an intermediate medium between shared hosting and dedicated hosting platforms. Management of accounts, configuration of servers and software installations can be performed easily and conveniently with the help of this Linux VPS hosting system.

The partition of this system secures the account of the user, as it will not be interrupted by any other user. This ensures that the performance of Linux VPS Hosting will always be of top class and blemish less. A CPU/RAM which is dedicated to only one system is also one of the most important features of this system, which guarantees a high speed error free performance.

By adding a cPanel license to the service, configuration of the user sites can be made easier. This license is available at a very low cost so that it is affordable by even middle class people. cPanel always allows the user to activate the features of his account with the click of his mouse. This works both for a single user and a multiple user system. Today a wide variety of Linux VPS Hosting that provides Linux operating systems are available in the market like Fedora VPS, Debian VPS, Linux Mint VPS etc, all of which ensure high quality and user friendly performance.

Advantages of Linux VPS hosting

VPS hosting is the best way to host a website because its cost is comparatively lower than other servers like dedicated servers or Windows virtual private server servers and also because it gives better authorization. Linux VPS hosting has the same advantages as the Windows VPS hosting and it is open source software.

You will have your set up and controls, if you go for VPS hosting and that too at a low cost. This also allows you to run your own operating system and install software that you would need in the server. In Linux VPS hosting, there is no risk of losing data and it is extremely secured.

Linux VPS hosting is open source software and because of this, there is no license for the software. Due to this reason, the cost of Linux VPS hosting is much less than Windows VPS hosting for which you will have to buy the license from Microsoft. This is main reason why many people go for Linux VPS hosting. Another advantage of Linux VPS hosting is that it is free from virus issues because of it being an open source.

As compared to Windows VPS hosting, the uptime of Linux VPS hosting is good, due to its open source nature. It also takes less space for modification in coding as compared to Windows VPS Hosting program. It is easy to handle and efficient and is suitable for all types of industries. If you choose Linux VPS hosting, then look for a good service provider who provides 24/7 customer support

Find The Best Business Email Solutions

When business firms send email to their employees or to even third parties, they have to be extremely watchful of a lot of different factors that also includes the security service in place and the ease with which the entire solution can be operated. So, firms have to be watchful of the type of application that they are using for their corporate emails.

There are a lot of business email solutions that can be provided and by opting for these solutions; you would be able to ensure that the firm would operate smoothly. There are innumerable business email solutions that are found but you should carefully explore your possible options and choose the best ones among them.

You have to be watchful of factors like the security features, the amount of space that is available for use, the user interface designing, the extra features and services, the reviews one can trace for the application in the market and the recommendations as well.

Data centre India is known to be one of the best makers of some of the finest business email solution tools and thus by opting for these applications, you would be able to use the right type of application that provides the required features and facilities.

The business emails would then be delivered timely and securely. On a lot of different cases, firms face the requirement to send bulk emails to a lot of participants and all these functions should be well incorporated into the platform that you are using.

So, check out for all the minute details and then use the best application possible. Your emails contain valuable information and thus the platform that you are using is of paramount importance. So, check the details of the platform and application and then send your business emails with ease and efficiency.

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